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Our entire school (Pre-K to High School) is divided into three "Houses" (teams): Faith, Hope, and Love.  Throughout the year the three houses compete in many areas, including academic achievement, attendance, charitable giving, Spelling Bees, Bible Bees, and our annual Sports Day.  Which house will accumulate the most points and be the victor in 2016-2017?



Our Physical Education Program (Pre-K to High School) keeps our students physically fit and prepares them for our annual Sports Day competition.  Our basketball program, which includes a boys varsity team and a girls varsity team, gives our students the opportunity to develop their character and ability to work together as a team to succeed.  We are especially proud of our Girls Varsity Basketball team, which won their championship game in 2015.

Fine Arts

Christian Heritage Academy has two concerts every year, one just before Christmas and one in the Spring.  The Pre-K Choir, Elementary School Choir, Recorder Band,  Heritage Harmony Choir (Grades 6-12), Drama Team, Step Teams, Junior High and High School Praise Dance Teams, and Upper School Worship Team/Band show how our children and young people can shine in Fine Arts while giving all the glory to God.

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