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Our goal as a mission to the children in our community is to make Christian Education affordable for every family that would like to send their children to our school.  As we strive to reach that goal, we depend primarily on tuition that is paid on time, so that our hardworking teachers and other staff members can cover their living expenses.


Although we try to keep our tuition and fees at the lowest possible level, some parents and guardians are not able to pay that amount, so in certain cases a discount or partial scholarship is possible.  If parents/guardians are determined to have their children attend Christian Heritage Academy, we are confident that God will provide as we work together to ensure that our children are in a safe haven where they are "taught by the Lord" and experience the "great peace" that only He can give (Isaiah 54:13).

Click here for scholarship information.

Click here for 2017-2018 Tuition & Fees.

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