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Christian Heritage Academy was founded in September 1999 by the leading of the Holy Spirit through Bishop Albert C. and Pastor Merna Delmadge.  Their ministry to children began in the early 1980s when about 140 children and several adult leaders were meeting every week in their home on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn.  By the 1990s these meetings had evolved into Christian Heritage Ministries, whose mission to children has been growing continuously, culminating in the founding of Christian Heritage Academy.

The launching pad for this growth was the daily morning prayer meetings that started at Christian Heritage Church in Brooklyn in 1995, first at 6:00 a.m. and now at 5:00 a.m.  It was during one of these prayer meetings that the Lord spoke to Bishop Delmadge and the congregation about starting a school.  It was also during these prayer meetings that the Lord directed us to send 70 missionaries to the island of Jamaica and have a missionary conference there in the summer of 1999.

After returning from Jamaica in July 1999, the Lord miraculously enabled us to start a school for children in Kindergarten through Grade 9 using the facilities we already had at Christian Heritage Church.  We immediately began to expand, starting a Pre-K program in January 2000, adding Grade 10 in September 2000 and then Grade 11 in September 2001, and purchasing buildings on Ave. J for more classroom space.  We added Grade 12 in September 2002, became registered as a New York State High School during the 2002-2003 school year, and had our first High School Graduation in June 2003.

Bishop Delmadge and those working with him share a passion for providing quality education that is steeped in the values of the Christian faith and develops the full potential of every student.

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